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At Tapro Oy, we want to build a better future for everyone together with our customers in various industries. We believe that a good team is made up of both innovative young talents and experienced professionals who have seen a lot of the world and life.

We at Tapro employ a variety of industry professionals, such as project and site managers, quality controllers, commissioning engineers, project engineers for various tasks, and HSE occupational safety professionals. Read more about our recruitment process and Tapro as an employer below!

Our recruitment process

We follow these steps in our recruitment process:

  1. We define the job description, required competencies, schedule and goals in accordance with the customer's recruitment needs.
  2. The applicant can apply for all our vacancies through our website (link coming).
  3. We review applications, contact applicants and have discussions with them.
  4. Based on the initial assessment, we present the best candidates for the position to the client.
  5. The client selects the most suitable candidates for the position for the client interview.
  6. The client makes the final decision on who will be selected for the position.
  7. We strive to keep all our applicants informed and up to date throughout our process.

Tapro as an employer

In line with our values, we above all want to take very good care of all our employees and invest in our employees by offering them better benefits than usual (including more comprehensive occupational health care) and flexible working opportunities. We also invest in the occupational safety of our employees together with our customers. We want to be bold and challenge traditional ways of working.

We are curious about by our character, we want to learn more all the time and find solutions together with our customers in a customer-oriented way and in accordance with our customer promises. If you want to join our team of experienced, innovative and versatile professionals, check out our open positions.

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