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The complexity of industrial projects possess major challenges for the entire project team, customer, contractors and suppliers, especially during the site implementation phase. We can supply the team either for the implementation of the entire project or supplement the customer's team with the necessary expertise.

We have developed a model of proactive management that can avoid the most common pitfalls in project implementation. The model is the result of 30 years of experience in process industry projects, but is partly universal and applicable to all


Project and site management

Our experts can serve as project managers in either the facility owner’s or supplier’s organization. An experienced project manager keeps the wheels running and takes care of the project plan and its implementation. He takes care of the overall schedule, the timeliness of planning and procurement, and acts as a contact person for various stakeholders.

The site manager is usually the first person on-site and takes care of site mobilization and acts as the director of all site operations including personnel and occupational safety, environmental protection, schedule, quality, and cost management. He is also the contact person for local stakeholders.

Supplier audits and quality management (QA / QC)

Our staff has conducted supplier audits in several different countries, such as China and India. The customer always receives high-quality reports on delivery capacity and quality. We offer the following services:

 QA / QC services at engineering works and on-site

 FA and SA tests at different stages of projects

 Timeliness of manufacturing and deliveries by suppliers and warehousing and logistics management at construction sites.

Work management and specialist services on construction sites

Our experienced specialists and experts in various fields firmly guide the practical implementation of the project on-site. Depending on the type of contract, individuals may also act as experts when the end customer is responsible for carrying out the work.

We can supply managers, management and experts in all areas such as QA / QC, mechanical, electrical and automation, construction, HVAC, commissioning and HSE.

Contract and requirements management

Experienced Claim Managers help to ensure contract compliance. They can work in either the facility owner’s or the supplier’s organization.

Claim Manager supports the project manager and helps to resolve conflicts, e.g. the content and quality of the delivery based on the content of the contract.

An experienced Claim Manager will also be able to comment on contracts already in the preparation phase and highlight points in the contract that could lead to conflicts.


If you need staff for your organization and hiring a consultant is not the right option in your situation, we will be able to implement a quality recruitment process for you. We are also able to implement and manage individual challenging expert recruitments and handle the related recruitment process on your behalf. However, the final recruitment decision and the choice of the person always remains with the client.

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